Maintenance Execution Working Group (MEWG)

The Maintenance Execution Working Group (MEWG) is responsible for the creation and maintenance of data exchange specifications which support maintenance execution of routine and non-routine aircraft maintenance including electronic logbook & scheduled maintenance data. Use of the specifications is envisioned by line, overnight, base and heavy maintenance execution & electronic logbook application providers (airplane manufacturers & third party software companies), and aviation maintenance & engineering information system providers. This specification will include data structures for work packages, work orders, logbook records, resource requirements, parts requests and those used to document completion of the maintenance actions addressing the maintenance requirement. The data exchange methods and record structure will be designed to be usable by maintenance history recordkeeping and archive systems.​​​​​
Spec 2000 – Electronic Logbook (ch. 17)
Spec 2000 – Electronic Work Package (ch. 18)
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Maintenance Execution Working Group​​

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