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Membership in the ATA e-Business Program is based on a flat annual fee per Member Company. Membership includes access by an unlimited number of company employees. However, each employee must complete the Company Representative Sign-Up form below. For more information, go to Membership Cost and Benefits.

How to Join

STEP 1: Determine if your company is already a registered member of the ATA e-Business Program by viewing the Member Company List.

If yes, simply sign-up as a Company Representative (at no additional cost) and skip Step 2. Access will be granted assuming you complete the on-line application form, and your active e-mail address uses the member company’s domain name.

Company Representative Sign-Up

If no, go to Step 2.

STEP 2: Register your company as a new ATA e-Business Program member.

Step 2.1:  Review the ATA e-Business Program Membership Agreement and DocuSign Here>>.

Step 2.2: After the Agreement is counter-signed by ATA, register yourself as the Membership Contact for your company. Upon approval, you will be able to sign in and make payment to finalize your company’s membership.

Step 2.3: Log in and pay for your Company Membership. Payment options include credit card, check, and wire transfer.

-If paying online now by credit card, proceed to the Registration Page, select the membership type and proceed through the steps to complete the payment.

-If paying later by credit card, check, or wire transfer, select “Skip for now” and contact for payment instructions.


Other Membership Documents