Change Requests

ATA e-Business specifications are revised frequently to incorporate new features, updates and corrections. Any interested party may request a change to a specification. To do so, an ATA e-Business Change Request (CR) must be submitted to ATA. The CR is used to summarize the proposed changes and provide justification. If you are a participant of the ATA e-Business Program, you can follow the progress of a CR through its cycle. If you are not a participant, you will be notified whether or not your request has been approved, modified or disapproved.

CRs are assigned to the Working Group (WG) responsible for the functional or technical subject covered in the CR. The WG will review the CR and determine if it should be approved. If necessary, a Subteam may be launched by the WG to further develop the requirements and specification changes.

If agreed by the Working Group,  they will provide a recommendation to the ATA e-Business Steering Group (ESG) for final review. Those which are approved by the ESG will be incorporated into the upcoming revision of the corresponding specification.

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