Spec 2000 is a comprehensive set of data exchange standards that are developed and maintained by the ATA e-Business Program and its member airlines, manufacturers, distributors, lessors, MROs and technology providers.  Widely adopted by the commercial aviation industry, Spec 2000 standards have served the industry for over sixty years and have evolved to embrace the latest technological advances in information exchange. By streamlining business processes and reducing administrative costs, Spec 2000 has grown to become the backbone of the aviation industry’s e-Business processes and data exchange practices. As a result, the industry has attributed significant operational efficiencies and cost savings to these standards. As more trading partners embrace Spec 2000, the standards become increasingly more valuable to its users and the industry.

The term “Spec 2000” is often used loosely. It is sometimes used to refer to the full suite of Spec 2000 standards (see below) but is also used to refer to a particular component or chapter of the specifications. It is also used to refer to an internally developed solution or third-party product that leverages these same standards.  If a trading partner asks if you are Spec 2000 capable or compliant, be sure to understand what area of the specification to which they are referring.


Spec 2000 – Gen 2 Procurement
Spec 2000 – Provisioning (ch. 1)
Spec 2000 – Procurement Planning (ch. 2)
Spec 2000 – Materiel Management (ch. 3 – 4, 6)
Spec 2000 – Information and Data Exchange (ch. 5)-Discontinued
Spec 2000 – Repair Order Administration (ch. 7)
Spec 2000 – Repair/Overhaul Planning (ch. 8)
Spec 2000 – Automated Identification and Data Capture (ch. 9)
Spec 2000 – ASC X12 Implementation Guide (ch. 10)
Spec 2000 – Reliability Data Collection and Exchange (ch. 11)
Spec 2000 – Airline Inventory Redistribution System – (ch. 12)
Spec 2000 – Industry Metrics (ch. 13)
Spec 2000 – Warranty Claims (ch. 14)
Spec 2000 – Aircraft Transfer Parts List (ch. 15)
Spec 2000 – Authorized Release Certificate (ch. 16)
Spec 2000 – Electronic Logbook (ch. 17)
Spec 2000 – Electronic Work Package (ch. 18)
The ATA Aviation Marketplace is owned and operated by the Air Transport Association of America, Inc. d/b/a Airlines for America and is provided as a subscription-based service to the world’s airlines and suppliers. The Marketplace is a centralized database that provides airlines with up-to-date information on the price, lead-time and surplus availability of aircraft parts and components, enabling e-commerce with their suppliers. The system is based on the requirements identified in Spec 2000 – Procurement Planning (Chapter 2) and Spec 2000 – Airline Inventory Redistribution System – AIRS (Chapter 12).